Choosing the right saddle is vital for the comfort of both you and your horse. A poorly made or poorly fitted saddle can have a serious impact on your performance and enjoyment of your chosen riding discipline.

So first we want to talk about how to correctly fit your saddle, and also how to care for and maintain it. If you know all that, then you’re ready to make your choice. We have three brands that we can recommend.

Fitting Your Saddle

Correctly fitting your saddle is absolutely vital. This guide explains how to do it properly for horses and riders of all sizes.

Caring For And Cleaning Your Saddle

Your saddle can soon become damaged if you do not clean it and care for it correctly. These simple tips show you how to look after your saddle to preserve its lifespan and performance.

Recommended saddle Brands

There are three main brands that we recommend as we have used them for some time and they have always give us good performance, comfort and durability over the years. These can be purchased new or second hand. If you are buying second hand however, take specific note of the care guidelines mentioned above and ensure that the previous owners have followed them.

GRADY AND SHANNON are trade marks of Thornhill for products made to our specifications by Pakistani Saddlers with over 50 years commercial experience. “Grady” and “Shannon” are the only reasonably priced children’s saddles in tree widths to fit ponies. Products are selected for serviceability and value and are entry models for adults. Shannon Strap goods offer English leather and stainless buckles at very affordable prices in warmblood, horse, cob and pony sizes.

Some examples of prices and availability when you buy these products online:

JORGE CANAVES saddles have been distributed by us since 1983. Canaves copies “great” European saddles in his plants since his retirement from Olympic competition in 1964. Canaves is one of two quality saddle makers in Argentina. He builds primarily for the European market.

The GERMANIA line consists of renowned German products, modified by a German saddler, with the help of American Olympic riders at Southern Pines over a two year period. The three saddles are the result of this Americanization.