The use of spurs is a controversial topic and tends to divide opinions. Some feel that it does no harm to the horse, others feel it is cruel and not necessary. We try to remain neutral in this debate, so today we’re going to look at examples of both points of view and let you make up your own mind. We will recommend a particular set of spurs for those who choose to use them.

Why Spurs Used Properly Do Not Harm The Horse

Many people feel that if you use the correct type of spurs and use them properly then it is not harmful to a horse.

Why People Choose Not To Ride With Spurs

On the other side of the debate, there re many people who feel that spurs can be harmful to a horse.

So it’s up to you. However if you do decide to use spurs then there is one particular set that is probably the generally accepted standard…

TUSS – The Ultimate Spur Set

The Ultimate Spur Set (also known as TUSS), single attachment spur set consists of two spur bodies and four pair of quick release interchangeable spur bit attachments made of the finest stainless steel 316. Each set is hand polished to a prestigious finish and comes complete with one pair of high quality leathers and carrying case.

Designed this way, once you have fastened the spur body onto your riding boot, you only have to change the spur bit attachment to be wearing an altogether different pair of spurs. And that procedure takes only seconds to complete. The Ultimate Spur Sets are available in two configurations, The General Purpose Spur Set and The Advanced Spur Set.